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            Design and implementation of anime derivative digital exhibition hall

            This paper expounds the basic theory and research ideas of building digital exhibition hall of animation derivatives, and puts forward the design process and implementation method of combining visual elements and digital technology on the basis of design practice, and develops a multi-functional network display platform of animation derivatives, as a virtual reality technology in the animation field. The preliminary attempt is made and its potential application objects and development prospects are proposed.
            Keywords: animation derivatives; virtual reality; digital exhibition hall.
            Chinese map classification number: TP37 document identification code: A article number: 1009-3044 (2011) 18-4448-03
            Design and Implementation of Digital Anime Derivative Products Gallery
            GAO Feng-yan, YU Liang, WU Bin
            (Liaocheng University, Liaocheng 252059, China)
            Abstract: On the basis of design practice, it describes the basic theory and research ideas of constructing digital anime derivative products Gallery, also proposes the design process and implementation, combined visual elements with the digital technology. Of anime derivative, as the first attempt of the application of virtual reality technology in the field of animation, and propose their potential users and development prospects.
            Key words: anime derivative products; virtual reality; Digital Gallery
            Animation derivatives refer to a series of services or products that can be sold by using the original characters in cartoon animation and through the careful design of professional cartoon derivatives designers. Audio-visual products, movies, books and novels, various games, toys, clothing, stationery, etc., can be developed into animation derivatives, and can be more image authorization derived to a wider range of thematic catering, comic cafes, theme parks and other tourism industries and service industries, is a very important link in the animation industry chain. Festival.
            Virtual Reality (VR) is a comprehensive technology involving computer graphics, human-computer interaction, artificial intelligence and other disciplines, also known as spiritual realm technology or artificial environment. Its purpose is to use computer simulation to create a three-dimensional virtual world, providing users with visual, auditory, tactile and other sensory simulation, so that users can be immersed in the scene, breaking the time limit to observe things in the three-dimensional space. After decades of development, virtual reality has moved from military and industrial design to a broader field of entertainment, including games, exhibitions and so on. It is also called the three most promising technologies in the 21st century, along with network and multimedia.
            As a preliminary attempt of virtual reality technology in the field of animation, this topic combines interface design, Flash application, three-dimensional modeling, interactive language and the broad market of animation industry, integrates visual elements such as shape design, color design, spatial layout, and combines advanced digital technology to develop an animation derivative. A multi-functional network display platform for raw products.
            1 theoretical basis
            If the past virtual reality technology is more concerned about how to achieve, then, in the information age increasingly in-depth today, the display form has become an important topic. How to achieve the perfect combination of technology and art, the organic unity of content and form, may be the key problem we are facing today, which determines the basic theory of this topic to be combined:
            1) display design
            Display design is a comprehensive art design with the main body as commodity. Exhibition space is gradually formed along with the development of human society's politics and economy. In the given time and space, the use of art design language, through the careful creation of space and plane, makes it produce a unique space scope, which not only contains the intention of explaining the theme of exhibits propaganda, but also enables the audience to participate in it, so as to achieve the goal of perfect communication. From the commercial point of view, exhibition is more efficient and direct than other promotional means. It provides enormous business opportunities for enterprises, but also saves a lot of funds for enterprises.
            Modern exhibition forms are often combined with static and dynamic. By skillfully using modern technologies such as slide, holographic photography, laser, video, film, multimedia, and virtual reality technology, static exhibits are expanded, resulting in a lively and warm exhibition environment with immersive effect and satisfying the audience's autonomy. Sex.
            2) animation design
            Animation is a comprehensive art category, which integrates painting, cartoon, film, digital media, photography, music, literature and many other art categories. In recent years, with the vigorous support of the country, it has attracted wide attention. In this context, "pan-animation" theory came into being: "pan-animation" concept, animation has become a skill, motion law, lens performance is only a way of expression of content, is a visual form from text, image to dynamic performance of a development stage, can be integrated into all walks of life, especially in the news field. Virtual reality performance in domain, military field and architecture field, or review and demonstrate non-repeatable events with animation, or pre-demonstrate the results with animation.
            3) communication theory
            Marshall McLuhan (1911-1980), a famous Canadian communicator, once put forward the famous theory of communication - "Media is the extension of man". He believed that the media is the extension or expansion of human's sense ability. Print media is an extension of vision, and broadcasting is an extension of hearing.


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